Price Optimization

Establishing the optimal price for products/services is paramount to maximizing profitability. Typically, as the price rises, the volume of sales decreases, yet the profit per sale increases, and conversely, a lower price may boost sales but reduce profit margins. The ideal price strikes the perfect balance, maximizing profit through an optimal trade-off.

Our solution utilizes machine learning models to find the optimal price based on the historical sales data.

Permanent Price Change Analysis

Price fluctuations can vary in duration, ranging from temporary fluctuations like Limited Time Offers (LTOs) to permanent shifts. While both are significant, permanent changes often carry more weight due to their lasting effects.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to anticipate the potential outcomes of proposed changes? This is precisely what our solution offers. It not only predicts the impact of alterations but also recommends permanent price adjustments that could yield positive results.

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