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DataBot is a Generative BI app that answers users' questions about the data stored in your database using voice or text commands.


Users can ask the chatbot to visualize the results (e.g. Bar chart, Line Chart, ...).
Personal Dashboard
Each user has a personal dashboard which can maintain using natural language.
Row-level permissions
The data is automatically filtered to what the user is supposed to have access to.
Users can ask the chatbot to explain its result so they can validate the data.
Downloading results
Users can download the results as Excel/CSV files or download the charts as PNG images.
Analytical solutions
Outlier detection, what-if analysis, etc.

Multi-language Support
Users can ask their questions in multiple languages.

Multiple input options
Users can use voice or text to ask their questions.

The engine answers the user's question taking into account their previous questions.

DataBot can easily be embedded in the client’s website or app.


DataBot integrates your data with your website/app without the need to copy your data to our servers. Your data remains securely stored in your own data warehouse.

Data Governance & Security Measures

DataBot is designed with data security in mind. Our platform prioritizes the protection of your data through a comprehensive set of measures as outlined below.

Username/password Authentication and Email Verification

Email White-listing

After sign-up and verifying their email, users need to be added to the email white-list to be able to use the app. This adds another layer of security to protect your data.

No data Exposure to LLMs

Only the database schema (table and column names) is provided to LLMs, NOT the data itself.

Data encryption

Data encryption in transit (TLS 1.2+)

Zero-Copy Data Integration

Your data remains securely stored in your own data warehouse. There is no need to copy your data to our servers.


It would take about 15 minutes of your Salesforce Admin time.
Almost any question as long as it can be answered using the connected data, and if it's not a high-level question. For example instead of asking "what caused the sales increase?", ask "show me top 3 best performing products in terms of total sales units".
You can also issue commands for visualizing the data or managing your personal dashboard.
Regarding data exploration commands, the users question is translated into a language that the database understands. Using the translated command the data is fetched and shown to the user.
Regarding visualization commands and personal dashboard, we have integrated ChatGPT with a BI tool to handle these commands.
Yes. We don't store any data on our servers. Data is directly fetched from your database in real-time using a restricted database connection.
You can use the "explain" command to ask the engine explain its answers. This can help you validate the results.
Please see the "DATA GOVERNANCE & SECURITY MEASURES" section above.



Per User, Per Month


Per User, Per Month
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