Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain/Logistics is one of those areas that if is not done right, can cause big financial problems. It requires answering quite a few analytical business problems.

Demand Forecasting

Forecasting is one of the most important analytical business problems, and improving the forecast accuracy has a direct impact on reducing costs and increasing revenue. Based on a research by McKinsey and Company,

15% improvement on forecasting accuracy translates into 5% reduction in inventory costs and 2-3% increase in revenue.

McKinsey and Company

We can provide a wide range of forecasts (e.g. sales forecast, shipment forecast, supplier forecast, etc).

We use state-of-the-art methods (Machine Learning, Time Series, rule-based, etc) to make sure the highest accuracy is achieved.

Production Planning

Optimizing Supply Chain and Logistics processes is crucial for increasing revenue and reducing costs. The challenges in these areas are numerous, and solving them requires the help of experts.

Some of the challenges in these areas are as follows:

  • Which products should be produced this month?
  • How much of each product should be produced?
  • At which production site should we produce each product?
  • Which products, how much of them and to where should be shipped?

We can provide the optimal answer to the above questions where sales is maximized and the total cost of production/shipping/warehousing is minimized.