Supply Chain & Logistics

Effective supply chain and logistics management is critical; when mishandled, it can lead to significant financial repercussions. This field demands the adept resolution of numerous analytical business challenges.

Demand Forecasting

Forecasting stands as a pivotal challenge within business analytics, with its accuracy directly influencing cost reduction and revenue enhancement. Research conducted by McKinsey and Company illustrates that,

15% improvement on forecasting accuracy translates into 5% reduction in inventory costs and 2-3% increase in revenue.

McKinsey and Company

Our forecasting services encompass various domains such as sales, shipments, and supplier projections. Leveraging cutting-edge methodologies including Machine Learning, Time Series analysis, and rule-based algorithms ensures we attain optimal accuracy levels.

Production Planning

Improving Supply Chain and Logistics processes is imperative for boosting revenue and cutting costs. Addressing the myriad challenges in these domains necessitates the expertise of professionals.

Among the challenges encountered:

  • Determining the optimal production for the month.
  • Estimating the appropriate quantity for each product.
  • Selecting the ideal production site for each product.
  • Deciding on the products to ship, their quantities, and destinations.

Our solution aims to maximize sales while minimizing the overall expenses associated with production, shipping, and warehousing, providing the most efficient answers to these critical questions.

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