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Using Advanced Analytics Doesn't Have to be Expensive

Get the most out of the current AI revolution without a sizable financial commitment
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AI Assitant for Salesforce
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Talk to Your Database
(Generative BI)
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Shelf Analyzer

Next-level Insights for your Products in Stores
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Our team of experts is proficient in a wide range of disciplines, including Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI Chatbots, Demand Forecasting, Outlier Detection, Production Planning, Recommendation Systems and Price Optimization.

Sales Insights

  • Gap Analysis

    Using sales and location data, the Gap Analysis finds the best locations where your products should be present.
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  • Detecting Products from Shelf Images

    - Shelf-level validation of SKUs
    - Product Adjacency Analysis
    - Fridge Presence Impact
    - Pricing Compliance
    - Out-of-stocks Report

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Supply Chain

  • Demand Forecasting

    Having an accurate forecast of the customer demand is crucial in all stages of supply chain.
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  • - How much to produce?
    - Where to produce?
    - How much and where to ship?

    These type of questions have been well studied and Mathematical methods offer precise solutions to these logistical challenges.

    Production Planning

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  • Price Optimization

    As the price rises, the volume of sales decreases, yet the profit per sale increases, and vice versa. The ideal price strikes the perfect balance, maximizing profit through an optimal trade-off.
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  • Permanent Price Change Analysis

    Predicting the impact of a permanent price change before applying it and recommending permanent price adjustments that could yield positive results.
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  • Customer Demographics Analysis

    Understanding your customers can help you direct your marketing budget to the right user groups.
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  • Promotion Optimization

    Promotions are a main factor in revenue generation. Knowing when a product should go on promotion and how much the discount should be are two important factor in maximizing profit from the promotion.
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