Next-level Insights for your Products in Stores

Shelf Analyzer is a Salesforce App that lets users upload photos of products in stores through Salesforce account page. It then detects and identifies the products, detects their shelf level and in-shelf position and detects whether the product is in a fridge. Based on these information and sales data, it then returns some actionable insights to the users.

Shelf Level Validation
By comparing the products shelf levels and their rate of sales, determines whether products are at the right shelf level.

Product Adjacency Analysis
Suggests in-shelf movement of products to be closer to competitive high-performing products.

Fridge Presence Impact
A report on the impact of a product being in a fridge on its sales

Product Tag Validation
(under development)
Checks whether the product tags are for the right products.

Out-of-stocks Report
(under development)
Returns the list of products that are out of stocks.




It would take about 15 minutes of your Salesforce Admin time.
It takes under a minute to process the photos.
Products, their shelf level and in-shelf position, and whether the products are in a fridge.

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