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In today’s competitive market, maximizing your product’s potential is crucial for success. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance your sales strategy, optimize product placement, and boost revenue. Our solutions combine advanced data analysis, image recognition technology, and performance benchmarking to give you a competitive edge. Whether you’re looking to identify untapped opportunities, improve shelf presence, or fine-tune your product performance, our tailored approaches will help you achieve your sales goals. Explore our three key solutions below to discover how we can transform your sales operations and drive growth.

– Gap Analysis

To increase revenue by expanding product presence in accounts, two essential components are required:

  • A competitive product offering.
  • A compelling sales narrative to sway account managers in favor of your product.

Our gap analysis solution addresses the latter requirement. Leveraging sales and location data, it identifies products absent in an account yet thriving in its vicinity. This information is then amalgamated with data on under-performing competitive products within the account. The resultant analysis equips sales representatives with a robust and persuasive sales pitch, empowering them to effectively engage with account managers.

– Detecting Products from Shelf Images

CPG companies often rely on basic sales reports to track product performance within accounts, but these reports often lack crucial details such as product placement and proximity to competitors. By leveraging image recognition technology to identify products in shelf images, a wealth of additional data becomes accessible, enabling the development of various solutions:

  • Shelf-level validation of Products: Understanding the precise shelf placement of products allows for validation against sales data, ensuring that each product occupies its optimal position. This validation helps identify discrepancies and ensures that products are strategically positioned for maximum visibility and sales impact.
  • Product Adjacency Analysis: Proximity to leading competitive products can significantly influence sales. By accurately mapping the location of products relative to competitors, the solution can provide insights into optimal product placement. This information facilitates the generation of recommendations for product relocation and enables A/B testing to assess the impact of adjacency on sales performance.
  • Fridge Presence Impact: A report on the impact of a product being in a fridge on its sales
  • Out-of-stocks Report (under development): Returns the list of products that are out of stocks.
  • Pricing Compliance (under development): Inaccurate price tags can negatively affect sales, especially when products are relocated within a store. Our image detection solution identifies instances where price tags do not match product placement, helping to maintain pricing integrity and maximize revenue.

– Product Performance Analysis

This solution is similar to gap analysis, but the focus here is on the accounts that do carry your product. It compares the performance of each product against its sales in similar neighboring accounts and against competitive products sales within the same account. By doing so, it pinpoints both under-performing and over-performing products within each store.

When dealing with under-performing products within an account, sales representatives should investigate potential reasons for poor sales. This could involve assessing the product display quality, ensuring adequate stock levels, and addressing any other factors affecting customer engagement.

Let’s discuss your data and analytics needs and challenges, and explore how our products and solutions can help you achieve your goals.

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