Sales Performance

Gap Analysis

Increasing the presence of your products is accounts is a straightforward way of increasing your revenue. To achieve this you need two things:

  • A product that is good enough against the competition
  • A robust sale story to persuade the account managers to carry your product

Our gap analysis solution provides the second part. Using sales and location data, it finds the products that are not present in an account, but are selling well in its neighborhood. It then puts this info together with the under-performing competitive products in that account to build a robust and convincing sale story to be used by sales representatives.

Detecting Products from Shelf Images

While CPG companies have visibility to their -and sometimes competition- products in each account, there are still a lot of data that is not captured by simple reports on sales of a product in an account. For example you don’t know where the product is located in the account, which competition products are in its vicinity, etc. By identifying products from shelf images we get access to all these extra info and can build various solutions on top of it:

  • Shelf-level validation of Products: The eye-level is usually the best shelf level, and the lower shelves are the worst. Usually the shelf placement of products is based on their rate of sale. But there can be mistakes, or the updated shelf level may not get applied for a long time. Knowing the shelf-level all product, we can tie it to sales data and validate whether all your products are at the level they deserve to be.
  • Product Adjacency Analysis: Usually if your product is close to a leading competitive product, it would have a positive impact on its sales. Knowing the location of products relative to leading competitive products, the solution can generate suggestions for product relocation, make it possible to run A/B tests to see the impact of adjacency, etc.
  • Pricing Compliance: Sometimes products are relocated to another shelf or a different position in the same shelf, but their price tag is not moved with them. This wrong tag can affect your sales. Our image detection solution can help with identifying these miss-matched price tags for your products.

Product Performance Analysis

This solution is similar to gap analysis, but the focus here is on the accounts that do carry your product. For each given product, it’s compared to the sales on similar accounts in the neighborhood and also to the corresponding competitive product in the same account. This analysis identifies the under-performing and over-performing products in each store.

In the case of under-performing products in an account, the sales representatives should explore why the product is not selling well in that account. Maybe the display is not good, maybe they are out of stock, etc.