AI Assistant for Salesforce


Talk to your database (Generative BI)
IntelliSales seamlessly integrates with your company database to provide quick answers to user questions  directly within Salesforce, enhancing productivity and decision-making.
Users can ask the chatbot to visualize the results (e.g. Bar chart, Line Chart, ...).

Personal Dashboard
Each user has a personal dashboard which can maintain using natural language.

Users can ask the chatbot to explain its result so they can validate the data.

Downloading results
Users can download the results as Excel/CSV files or download the charts as PNG images.

Automatic Filtering
When used in an account page, the data is automatically filtered to that specific account.

Analytical solutions
Outlier detection, Time Series forecasting, what-if analysis, etc.

Multi-language Support
Users can ask their questions in multiple languages.

Multiple input options
Users can use voice or text to ask their questions.

The engine answers the user's question taking into account their previous questions.

Salesforce automation
IntelliSales empowers users to automate Salesforce operations effortlessly with voice or text commands.

Creating Notes
Create notes quickly in any record page using a voice command.

Creating Tasks
Create a task swiftly using a voice command. You can provide instructions, specify due date and set priority.

Drafting Emails
Quickly draft an email using a voice command. The record's data, user's info and notes are automatically taken into account as context.

Creating Opportunities
(Will be added in the upcoming releases)

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